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Hello all,

Thank you for visiting our page!

Here's a little bit of history about us..

Dutchman's Daughter opened its doors in 1994 with the idea of offering a small, mostly take-out menu. The concept quickly changed to eat-in when most of our customers wanted to stay and enjoy their meal in the cozy, home-style atmosphere. The restaurant tripled in size from the original five tables to seating over fifty, when the top dining room was added a year later.

Dutchman's Daughter is a continuation of the tradition started by Mary's parents, Frank and Rosie Staud serving home-cooked food in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the same fashion as Staud's Restaurant before it. Frank was lovingly called "The Dutchman" and that is where the name, Dutchman's Daughter found its inspiration.

The restaurant is the hub of our family and many members have worked or are currently working within its walls on a daily basis. Our beautiful little Dutch girl in our logo was first lovingly hand-painted by Mary's sister, Carol Anderson and is a treasure to all of us along with her other artistic creations since her passing.

Our customer favorite, the Hot Italian Pasta Salad was the idea & creation of Mary's other sister, Jeanie Weaver who spent many of her days answering the phone, taking orders and talking with regulars. She has since gone to be with Jesus and we miss her sweet voice and loving smile that greeted customers for years at our front door.  

The land where Dutchman's Daughter sits was owned by Mary's oldest sister Patti Barnes & her husband Jack and our location and God's blessing is the reason we have been able to make for our home in Whitehall for the past 29 years.

Our family is blessed by all our faithful customers and longtime employees that we have added you all to our extended family over the years. 

And we love hearing of newcomers enjoying a Hot Pasta for the first time, knowing they might never order anything different- because it's THAT GOOD! 

The Dutchman's Daughter Family
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See you soon!

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